Alice Medallions Explained

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Alice is on top looking down at a black medallion representing looking through the rabbit hole and beginning her adventures in Wonderland. 

The White Rabbit at the top right corner has a clock which represents their concern with the time. 

Many of the medallions have mostly red flowers with some white spots representing them being painted red. 

There is a medallion with a hat and a teacup from the tea party with the Mad Hatter. Next to it, a tween red haired couple: Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Underneath the brothers is the sleepy mouse at the tea party. 

The green medallion represents the maze. You will also find this medallion in some of my other designs because it represents the entry or the portal to the imagination world.

There is a bottle representing the “drink me" bottle that made Alice small is on the far right edge near the top.

The Cheshire Cat's head and tail representing its capacity to disappear are on the tree on the bottom left. 

The Hearts and Spades represent the of deck cards.

The keys are from the key that Alice needs to get trough the door.

 The smoking caterpillar is next to the tree on the bottom left leaving a trail of smoke heading up through the design. 

Lastly, the Queen of Hearts is heading out of the design. She is going to play crocket with her favorite flamingo/stick!

Comment below - Which design do you want to hear about next?

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