Mary Poppins Medallions Explained

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Mary Poppins! 


This chart is jam-packed with motifs that reference the books and the movies!


Let's start with what comes from the first book:

Mary Poppins herself with her carpetbag!

There is a small gingerbread man that represents the gingerbread that they purchase from Mrs. Corry. 

The motif with the birds and a tuppence. From when they give the woman who feeds the pigeons a tuppence in exchange for some food to feed the birds. 

The stars are from when they go on a Christmas shopping trip with a star named Maya. 

Of course, Mary's umbrella because she leaves by grabbing her umbrella and letting the West Wind take her. 

Lastly, the penguins are from when they go to the Antarctic!


From the second book:

They visit a place where London is upside down so we see the city of London on the top left corner hanging upside down. 

Along with Jane and Michael are the names of the twins; John and Barbara, and the baby Annabelle. We don't see them in the movies but they are there in the books and that's why they are there in white stitches. 

The merry-go-round because Mary leaves town on an enchanted merry-go-round. 

Lastly, the birdcage full of flowers is from when they visit aunt Topsy on their way to get gingerbread. 


From the third book: 

We have the piano and the music boxes all the way on the left. Mr Twiggle, Mary Poppin's cousin, came and tuned the piano and gave each child a music box. 

The fireworks are from one of the many times Mary Poppins has made an entrance or an exit. She has many creative ways of doing both, such as falling with the fireworks. 


Other motifs: 

The hat and lilac flower represent the parents from the movies. 

The police hat and the maids headwear are there because they have a romance happening throughout the books. 

The tree has 17 cherries because the family lives on 17 Cherry Tree Lane. 


The medicine bottles are different because they all are different flavors. 

Strawberry for Michael 

Lime Cordial for Jane

Milk flavor for the twins 

and Rrrum Punch for Mary 


The mirror because Mary has a habit of looking at herself in every mirror she sees. 

The motif on the top right corner represents the various talking birds throughout the series. 

The gates to the world of imagination on the bottom left corner which is in many of the other tales! 

There is also a measuring tape that says perfect because when Mary measures herself it says she is practically perfect!

Lastly, near the top right is a table with tea settings and from when they have tea upside down. 


Hope you enjoy stitching Mary Poppins!!

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