Peter Pan Medallions Explained

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Starting with the bow and arrow; they represent the piccaninny warriors. 


The second star to the right in a metallic thread is Peter Pans home. 


There is a medallion with Captain Hook's hook in the center. 


Tinker bell - What more can I say?


The Treehouse is the Lost Boy's home, and the lost boys on the other side of the piece, each wearing a different animal costume.


Next to the Treehouse, there are the mermaids of the lagoon and the needle Wendy used to see Peter Pan's shadow. 


There is the TikTok crocodile on the bottom corner. 


Along the bottom is also the city of London which includes my entrance to the world of imagination as one of the buildings. 

Next, you can see Nana - Wendy's dog that had a collar with a silver hoop. 


In the center is Captain Hook's ship. 


Lastly, Peter Pan and Wendy are flying on the top right side. 



If you want to read the story click on the link below!

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