The Frog Prince Medallions Explained

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For our next installment of this series, we are talking about the Frog Prince. Here is a link to the story if you haven’t read it in a while! It is important to remember there are many different versions to this story so some of the details might not match up with the version used to design this Tale.

Let’s start with the castle at the top left corner (1). The castle is the home of the princess and her family. 

Next (2), we have the princess leaving the frame with her beautiful dress.

The plate and silverware (3) represent the deal she made with the frog. The deal was that in exchange for retrieving the golden ball the princess would have to let the frog eat from her plate, drink from her cup, and sleep in her bed.

The rose (4) represents the garden. In a version of this tale the princes went out to the garden to play. Since the day was so hot, she ventured into the forest to seek shelter from the sun under a large tree. This is where she then drops the ball in the lake.

(5) The golden ball the princess was playing with. She dropped it in a pond while playing.

The green portal (6), you can see it in many of the Tales, it is a portal to the imagination world and also symbolizes the forest the princess was in.

The frog medallion (7) is of course he frog prince or frog king. This is my favorite way to draw a cartoon frog and it has become my signature doodle. You can see in the medallion the frog is on a lily pad over the water with the golden ball at the bottom.

Lastly, the lily pads (8) all over the design symbolize the pond where she dropped the ball.

What tale do you want to hear about next?

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